Need-based Scholarship Application

All information contained within this application shall be confidential and shall be used for sole purpose of determining eligibility for a need-based Scholarship.

    Barcelona Foundation also requires a letter from the child’s school showing good conduct, a letter grade C or above with no failing grades, and satisfactory attendance.

    Annual Family Income: (Include gross wages + public assistance + child support/alimony + social security + disability + other):

    (Please note that Barcelona Foundation REQUIRES a copy of your most recent Federal Tax Return to accompany this application to confirm income). Proof of Medicaid or Free or Reduced lunch eligibility is also considered.

    Number of family members in home (include parents and children):

    Please List Any Special Circumstances That Contribute Toward Your Need For Financial

    Need-based scholarships are given based on merit and financial need and are awarded on an annual/seasonal basis. A new application must be submitted each year and are therefore not guaranteed.

    Merit is defined by Barcelona Foundation as being athletic, as well as academic and behavioral. Therefore, a player assessment and recommendation by the local technical director will be requested by Barcelona Foundation and included with this application for consideration.

    Barcelona Foundation requires a copy of your most recent Federal tax return to accompany this application to confirm income. The Scholarship Coordinator reserves the right to request any additional information relating to this application including but not limited to prior year’s tax returns, W-2s, and any other documents that assist with the assessment of financial need. All submitted forms will be held in strictest confidence and destroyed or returned to the applicant after assessment of need is complete.

    Please drag and drop the documents that you would like to attach (Federal Tax Return, School letter with grades C or above and satisfactory attendance, School letter showing good conduct, Soccer Level Appraisal by the Soccer Academy, Medicaid eligibility proof, etc.)

    Your information is secure.